Bow ties or neckties - Which Should You Wear?

Bow ties or neckties - Which Should You Wear?

2022-04-10 12:00


A tie is an essential part of a gentleman's clothing. It unifies the look of the clothing by providing a splash of colour and elegance to the wearer's neck. While some men may try to avoid wearing it, this hardly succeeds. When it comes to clothing, a men's suit, a necktie, or bow tie is nearly always required, irrespective of the event. It's a modest and straightforward addition that makes a huge difference. As a result, wearing a suit without a tie is not recommended.

All individuals require an excellent collection of bows and ties for men that enhances their appearances. Also, men prefer to buy tie pin and cufflink set to make their formal look more attractive. However, it might be confusing sometimes about which tie to choose? Choosing a tie comes down to personal preference and depends on the type of outfit. Here, we will help you decide how and when to wear both ties.

Differences Between Bowties and Neckties

You are generally aware of the distinction between both the mens tie sets. Bowties have a bow pattern, while men's neckties are narrow and long. Both ties are fantastic alternatives for enhancing your suit style, but there are a few crucial distinctions between them to consider. If you're having trouble deciding between both ties, continue reading for specific advice that helps you select the best suit and bow tie combination.[1]

  • Styles and Designs

You'll note that both the ties come in a broad range of designs and styles. The options are unlimited, from classic single colors to stripes, polka-dots, plaid, and floral and animal prints. Depending on individuals' likes, everyone has unique bow ties and neckties. It's entirely up to the users to identify it, though. However, you shouldn't choose the ties only on the basis of aesthetics because you can discover the right design in each alternative with some exploring. Browse for a while and select the best neck and bow ties online.

  • User-Friendliness

It's essential to evaluate the simplicity of usage of both ties while comparing them. A necktie may be tied in a variety of ways. However, none of them will be simple for newbies. You could have trouble tying it till you get the grasp. The bowtie is the apparent winner in terms of simplicity of usage. These are much easy to knot and take much less time. The procedure is essentially the same, with a simple "tie" around the collar.

  • Slimming Appearance

There are advantages to wearing a necktie more than a bow tie, including the slimming appearance of the necktie. Neckties give the user the appearance of being taller and thinner, which is different in the case of the bow tie. This is attributable in good measure to the necktie's inherited design.

Bow ties for men are narrow and long, giving the spectator an optical illusion. Putting on this tie will not make you thinner or taller practically. Instead, it gives the observer the impression of being taller and thinner.

  • Formality

Bow ties seem to be more formal than neckties with equivalent informality. This is the main reason why they're usually paired with tuxedos. While bowties are not required to be worn with a tuxedo, they are the top choice due to their more formal appeal. If you're going to a formal party or event, a bow tie is a way to go. It's a timeless option that will improve your style with a formal style that you won't find in a necktie. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Picking the Best Tie

Whether you choose a skinny tie, a necktie, or a bowtie, there are a few factors. Let's discuss some of them to make an informed and attractive choice.

Think About Style

Instead of going with fashion guidelines, think about your particular style and preferences. Neckties are often a more modest option. Bowties, alternatively, might imply a more formal event or a distinct sense of style.

  • Events and Occasions

If you're having a formal dinner or a huge reception, the answer is obvious. Put on a bowtie. This increases your mood and puts you in front of the trend curve.

  • Think of it as Accessories

Keep in mind that your bowties and neckties are an accessory or complement your entire outfit. This indicates that you can't decide on a tie unless you've decided on the rest of your outfit. Make sure your neckwear's design and pattern suit your overall aesthetic. You can also prefer these items as gifts to the man in your life. For instance, you can gift an appealing bowtie or necktie to your father as Father's Day Gifts or for other special events.

  • Be Aware Of Tying Method

You must understand how to appropriately wear a bowtie and necktie for men, regardless of whether you like a necktie or a bowtie. Indeed, you may buy bow ties that have already been knotted or clipped on. Said, don't do that. If you're the type of person who can pull off a bow tie, you'll be able to learn how to knot one as well.

  • Quality

The appearance of your neckwear is influenced by its quality. So, cheaper brands will crease and seem rumpled if you are using a bowtie or a necktie. It will detract from your overall appearance, irrespective of what you wear. Give importance to the quality materials as well as the designs and colours. A well-made necktie or bow tie will look beautiful even with repeated usage.

Here, we have focused on two best dressing accessories options that always add an elegant touch to your clothes and improve men’s grooming: necktie and bow tie. So, whatever selection you pick, the most significant fact is to feel more comfortable and stand out with your style.



What are the different types of bow ties?

There are three different kinds of bow ties, namely, the clip-on, self-tie, and the pre-tied.

Are bow ties out of style?

Bow ties are one of those clothing accessories which never go out of style. Presently, men wear them and will continue to do so in the future.

Are the bow ties unprofessional?

No. It's merely a unique alternate item of neckwear with the same formality as a necktie, but with a different cloth, design, and colors.


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