About Us

Journey Towards A Version To Be A Better Man!


Who doesn't love to take care of themselves? We all do! Like women, even men do worry about their skin's health and how to look best and dapper! But the number of avenues is relatively less for men to go around and shop for themselves. After struggling to find skin care products and grooming accessories specially made for men, we decided to solve this huge gap for men with Mensome.

Every Man Deserves to Look And Feel Good!
Mensome aims to create a notion that grooming is for everyone, especially Men. Every man deserves to look good and stylish to feel good about themselves. Men can be handsome on the outside and the inside simultaneously. We are always looking to make men's grooming more simple and accessible to make them feel more confident and comfortable in their skin.

The Guide
Who do you go to for advice before your first date on which shirt would look good? Who do you go to when you lose sleep over some life problems? Who do you go to when you need a boost of confidence when you feel low? Who do you go to when you need to be saved in some murky situation?

Your Big Brother!
Big Brothers are quirky and fun, always fighting with ourselves over remote and trivial matters. But they are always there for us, beside us, when we need them when we are struggling in our life. They guide us, protect us and help us make ourselves feel better, and boost our confidence when we need them. Whether it's midnight or the early dawn, they are always there to pick up our phones in times of need.
In the short term, Big Brothers make our life easier and happier!

Mensome wants to be your grooming partner so you can be your best! We want to be your solution when you worry about which tie would look best for your first interview. We want to be your answer for every problem. We want to be through your struggles to your celebrations! We want to help you buckle up when you are low! We want to help you to strive for new feats! We want to be there for you when you are trodding new pathways of life! We want to uplift men who are ready to change their game! Mensome is all about challenging societal conventions! We help you redefine who you are! We help you structure your focus! We break comfort zones and build new ones! Men are more than handsome! They are Mensome: flawed beings, comfortable in their skin. Whether it's the streets or the stages, you are a living superstar!

Mensome is your New Big Brother!
Every worry ends at this full stop!

Mensome wants every man to be a living inspiration! We want men to take better care of themselves and be true to themselves. We want men to achieve new heights and be the best version of themselves.

We believe that when one looks good, they feel good! And when you feel good, you have better motivation and confidence to achieve your dreams and goals.

Mensome wants to be that partner in your life!