Summer Time Hair Rules For Mens

Summer Time Hair Rules For Mens

2022-03-23 11:00

It is time you put your seatbelts on as summers are just around the corner and who wants to get tanned ? so we are all set with our sunscreen. But do men ever think about their hair or is hair care routine only a girls thing. It is time we men realise that taking care of our hair is equally important as a womens, and we at Mensome are all set to help you get a summer hair care routine for men this summer to prevent your hair from roughness, hair fall and damage. All of this is not just about nourishment but also hygiene and grooming. In this fake world of promises it is time to pamper the men in our lives and help them groom and stay healthy with their hair because a person’s hair leaves a lasting impression and tells a lot about you. Your hair needs to be treated with natural products and not chemical ones which are damaging your hair internally. We at mensome have created the best hair care routine for healthy hair - A men can do this summer with the good hair products for men. 

Hair routine for men

As we are all set to get our bodies fit this summer, it is time we men also think about our hair. In summers especially it is very important for men to keep their hair protected from the harsh sun rays and sweat that dries our hair. Follow these steps for a healthy hair care routine: 

  1. Wash your hair frequently or daily to avoid dandruff or dirty scalp for too long leaving your hair damaged. Although washing your hair with the right natural shampoo and conditioner is important. 
  2. Oil your hair as often as you can which is the best treatment for hair loss in male. It prevents your scalp from drying out, so investing in the right hair oil is also a great task but Mensome has got that covered. Mensome’s Red Onion Hair Oil is one of the best hair products for men promoting hair growth, as well as fighting hair loss.Mensome’s Blackseed oil also Helps In Restoring Dry and Thin Looking Hair. Not just that It Is also helpful in Restoring Natural Hair Colour making you look young this summer. Other than that you can check the avocado hair oil and vitamin e hair oil if you are having r=frequent dry hair days. 
  3. Massaging your scalp once a day will help your scalp be healthy, improving blood circulation and opening locks. 
  4. Cover your head with a cap or scarf when you walk out of the house which may protect you from the direct harmful sun rays. Protecting your hair from damage. 

These tips are useful for men’s hygiene and  hair care routine this summer. Because why should men miss out on the good part!

Men's grooming

It is not a tedious job but it is something that is worth investing in, we have a range of products that would help you groom and take care of your hair in the harsh sun. After a good hair care routine it is time to groom your hair cuts and hair colour for men 2022. It is of no surprise that men sweat more and to make your hair  look decent it is recommended that we keep them short. It will reduce oil buildup in your scalp and sweat , so make sure you get the short hair trends 2022 this summer, for more details you can also check out our blog at Mensome - Biggest hair trends that aren’t getting old. 

Men’s hygiene and hair care products 

It is time we actually look onto the products that can be used to make your hair look dashing this summer 2022. Mensome grooming kit for men online are chemical free that make your hair look the healthiest. These products are just working wonders for men in India. According to problems like -  Hair loss during summers is no this year As we have a treatment for hair loss in male. Men can lose hair in summers due to damage in their roots or scalp. Dandruff, hair loss, dry scalp etc are problems that are faced by them for which we need these men’s hair care products 

  1. Red onion hair oil - This is one of the most used products as it has antioxidants promoting healthy hair. It contains sulphur which is a very important component for hair growth. You can massage your scalp with this hair oil before you wash it and leave it wrapped for an hour to let the magic happen. This is great for hair growth, anti dandruff, strong hair, hair density, hair volume and thick hair. 
  2. Black seed hair oil - Also called kalonji oil is a very old remedy to get good hair. This oil prevents dryness, thin hair and dull hair making your hair feel and look young restoring the natural hair colour. 
  3. Avocado oil - Avocado is a great solution for summers. It prevents hair from sun damage and promotes hair growth for stronger and healthier hair this summer. 
  4. Vitamin E oil - Vitamin E is a component which is good for both hair and skin. It makes your scalp stronger for better hair growth, Adds volume and  gives a shine to your hair. These oils are naturally made and are completely chemical free. It is recommended you use it after hair wash, massage it gently on tips and areas where you feel it is dry. It makes your hair look shiny which is perfect for summers. 

These are some of the long hair products that make your hair growth amazing and restores your damaged hair. So when you are following our hair care routine do add this long hair treatment to it, we assure you won’t be disappointed. 

Mens hair care and Men’s hygiene - Some summer time hair rules for men 

If it’s hair care or hygiene you do not need a complicated routine or expensive products to make your hair look good. Remember these simple steps to take care of dandruff, dry scalp,  rough,dry hair or hair loss and you will never feel under confident with your hair. Mensome has products for you at an affordable rate and good results. 

Have a great day ahead !


What is the best hair care routine?

Wash your hair, oil it and protect it from sunrays when stepping out. 

Which oil is best for hair?

Red onion oil is the best for your hair and is the most recommended product. 

How do men take care of their hair and scalp?

Men can take care of their hair and scalp by oiling with a regular hair care routine and massaging for better blood circulation.