XX Father's Day Grooming Gifts Dads Will Actually Use

XX Father's Day Grooming Gifts Dads Will Actually Use

2022-03-06 13:00

With Father’s Day around the corner, you must be worried about what to get your old man that will have him react in a way that is more than an awkward nod and a smile. Of course, more than the personal validation, it is also about what to get him that he does not have, and will definitely put to good use. After all, he is your baap, so there’s no chance that you can get him something that you cannot need. 

Mensome has brought you some cool gifting ideas that you can put to use as father’s day ideas. If you have a sibling, you can get a headstart over them by going through this list and selecting what you think will impress your old man the most. 

It is true that everyone loves a well-groomed man. They are a mark of personal responsibility and class. Mensome aims at providing products that will make hygiene and aesthetics accessible to everyone without having to scratch your head about what kind to go for. 

Cufflinks, Tie Pin & Lapel Pin Combo Set

The cufflinks, tie-pin, and lapel pin combo set on our website is the perfect gifting idea for anyone. Your father will love to add it to his collection. We have the best combo sets for both formal and ethnic wear. This is one of the perfect presents for dad if he is into such classy gifts. The multi-purpose of these sets makes them efficient and ethical as well. 

Neck, Tie Combo Gift-set 

This beautiful combo has a necktie, pocket square, cufflinks, and lapel pins. We have over thirty options available for you to browse and pick the one that reflects your father’s personality the most. 

These combos are designed in such a way that they can be paired with a wide range of clothing sets. This way your father can create numerous classy looks with one accessory and look his best wherever he goes. 

Deodorant Kit Gift Set 

If you are also looking for unique gifts for dad, then this is the set you should go for. The classic and fresh scents will definitely make him impressed with your choices and will leave people asking him what he has been using. 

These deodorants are non-staining, long-lasting, and are derived from natural oils. You can pick from the various different kinds such as Oudh, Masculine Musk, etc that are available on our website. Based on your father’s personality, you can pick the one that is going to suit him the most. 

Grooming Products 

You can also choose from our various grooming products for men that are gaining immense popularity for how well they work. You can make a father’s day grooming gifts hamper for him with these things.

  1. Hair Oil 

Mensome has some of the best hair oils that have various benefits. The black seed oil is the best solution for balding, thinning, and dry hair. 

The avocado oil is a two-in-one product as it can be used for your hair as well as skin. 

The Red Onion hair oil is another very popular product. It has sulphur, a vital component for good hair growth. It helps with thinning hair, dry hair, dandruff, and dullness. Using it regularly with a mild shampoo will help your hair retain its glow and be clean for a long time. 

  1. Body Wash

Men’s hygiene is now gaining immense popularity. While men used to use anything as long as it was available, people are now being aware of their body types and what skincare to use. 

One such important product is body wash. Mensome has antibacterial body washes that are gentle on the skin and leave you feeling refreshed and clean.

  1. Facewash

If you are trying to complete your father’s day gifts hamper, a gentle, anti-bacterial cleaning face wash will be the perfect addition to it.

  1. Deodorant 

The Oudh deodorant is paraben-free, stainless, and gives you a long-lasting fragrance that is gentle yet unique body odour. If you are looking for a nice go-to deodorant for your father that he can carry anywhere then you should definitely check it out.

Our father’s day grooming gifts collection is very varied and has a lot of things that you can choose from. If you want to make your own assortment, then you can also do that. Mensome has the cufflinks, ties, lapel pins, and other accessories available individually as well. Based on your father’s preferences, you can make father’s day 2022 really good for him and show him how much you care for him and know him, just how he is with you.