2022-03-21 12:30

A perfect hairstyle is every man's charm and going with the trend is not everybody’s piece of cake. So choosing a hairstyle that would never get old is the safest option to choose. Having a good hairstyle for any man is crucial as it leaves a lasting impression and not all of us can rock a man bun. So every person should go for a haircut that suits their face cut and style. To actually look for a hairstyle that would suit you is difficult and copying an actor that does not even look like you is disastrous. Every person is different and so should be your hairstyle, choose a hairstyle that suits you and modify it accordingly. 

To help you understand the hair trends 2022 and hairstyles for men that do not go out of fashion we have put together a list of hairstyles that never get old. Because at mensome we believe in pampering men, as they also deserve a good grooming experience in their lives. 

 Hair care before Hair trends 

Every time you visit your salon you are told your hair is damaged or you need a chemical treatment, why keep it like that? It is very important to nourish your hair if you want to style it and we at Mensome believe in pampering your hair by protecting it from hair fall, dandruff, dry scalp etc. You can sit at the comfort of your home and treat your hair naturally with our product range of - red onion hair oil which is one of the most used hair oil products as it contains sulphur which is a very important component for hair growth. This is great for hair growth, anti-dandruff, strong hair, hair density, hair volume and thick hair. Black seed hair oil which is also called kalonji oil is a very old remedy to get good hair preventing dryness, thin hair and dull hair making your hair feel and look young. Avocado oil is a great solution for summers. It prevents hair from sun damage and promotes hair growth for stronger and healthier hair this summer. Vitamin E is a component which is good for both hair and skin. It makes your scalp stronger for better hair growth, adds volume and gives a shine to your hair.

Hair trends that are old but gold 

We know youre reading this right before getting a haircut or probably just thinking about getting one. To be honest getting a trendy haircut for a trend that would stay only for a few months is too much risk for a person, so men tend to take the path of old is gold. Some things just never run out of fashion like your denim pair of jeans or a shirt that is bkack or white. Just like that we have a few classic, favourites and the most dashing yet safest hairstyles that never went out of style. 

  1. Side part haircut or businessman cut  - hair is cut slightly on the sides and back whereas the top is left long which is parted and combed to the side. This is the safest haircut and looks the most formal and decent. 
  2. Undercut hairstyle- This cut is the best for people having square faces. It is a medium length haircut that helps you contrast the top with the sides. The hair is  long on the top, while the sides are short creating a clear distinction between the top and sides almost similar to bowl cuts. 
  3. Ivy league - Is one of the neatest haircuts . It is cut very short all over and a little longer in front which is enough to part neatly.

Hair trends 2022

Enough of going safe, if you are reading this it’s time to add some magic to your hair by following a few latest 2022 hair trends for men that are extremely classy. There are a variety of hairstyles that come under mens hairstyles 2022, but some of the best haircuts for men are: 

Short haircut for men - High and tight , Pompadour with or without fade or with undercut, mid fade, low fade, short fringe. 

Medium length haircuts men -Medium haircuts with long fringe and low fade, Bts temple fade with french crop.

Long haircuts for men - Afro top with tapered temple, man bu, undercut

These are only some of the best hair cut styles for men, you can always add and experiment different cuts that suit your face type. As different people suit different cuts. 

Hair styles for men

After a good groom and cut it is time to help you style your hair into a neat yet handsome look that would catch everyone's eyes. Among the 2022 hair trends we have come up with a few hair styles men would love. 

Asymmetric, disconnect, density and messy are some of the long hairstyles for men that are in trend 2022. Bowl cut, bro flow, fringe, Quiff wavy, mullet, waves, side part are the best hairstyles for men who want to go for medium length hairstyles for men. 

Buzz cut, short bowl cut, surgical line undercut, Caesar cut, modern flat top are some trendy hair cut styles for men that you can go for. 


Q1) What is the most attractive hairstyle for men 2022?

Crew cut is the most attractive for men , it can be left long as well as cut short according to your preference. It is the trendiest and the safest option if you want to go for a dashing hairstyle this 2022. 

Q2) What is the most masculine hairstyle?

Pompadour is the most masculine hairstyle for men. The cut is styled up and off the forehead. Shorter hair on the side and longer in the centre.

Q3)Is male long hair attractive? 

Hairstyles like man bun and hair flow are a different aesthetic and very attractive. They can be a little messy and difficult to handle but the look it gives is very rugged and relaxed.