7 Tips to treat thin hair problems in men

7 Tips to treat thin hair problems in men

2022-09-29 15:39

Hair loss and receding hairline in men is a common problem in modern times. With environmental changes, pollution, and increasing stress, more and more men are getting affected by hair loss. For every man, it may be a little distressing to notice their receding hairline. However, it's important to look for the root causes so that it's easier to treat thin hair problems in men.

Nearly, 2/3rd  of men are affected by male pattern baldness. According to reports nearly 40% men experiencing noticeable hair loss by the age of 35. (1) 

In this post, we will try to understand what causes thinning of hair in men and the hair loss treatment available, especially for them. If you are noticing receding hairlines, you can try hair loss treatment at home too.


What Actually Causes thin hair in men? 

Most people lose 50–100 strands of hair each day as old hair falls out and new hair regrows from the same hair follicle. However, sometimes hair loss in men can happen at a much faster rate than you can imagine. 

There are various factors that lead to hair loss in men. Pollution, environmental changes, and stress are big factors that lead to thin hair problems in men. But more important causes for hair loss are hormonal changes in the body or due to various medical conditions. Hormones called androgens lead to hair loss in men, which is known as Androgenetic alopecia. This is known as male-pattern baldness. Receding hairline in men can begin above both sides of the temple. Over time, the hairline can pull back to form a "M" shape which can be seen in men of all ages. 

Hair problems in men

Thin hair in men also occurs at the crown - on top of the head, which often results in partial or complete baldness.

Other environmental and lifestyle factors that affect hair loss are

  1. Not getting enough sleep
  2. Chronic stress and stress-related hypertension
  3. Excessive exposure to sunlight and UV rays
  4. Taking frequent hot showers
  5. Deficiency in vitamins like iron, folic acid, and B vitamins
  6. Lack of zinc and biotin, and fatty acids in the diet
  7. Wearing caps and hats all the time
  8. Using chemical-laden hair products
  9. Taking a high dose of Vitamin A or selenium supplements

How to check how much hair you are losing?

If you're unsure of exactly how many hair strands you're losing in a single day, do the standard 60-second hair count (2)

Comb your hair from the back of your head to the front for a full minute. Then collect & count the hair strands that were shed in this process. Shedding of 10 – 20 hair strands is considered normal. However, if you notice more than this number, you could be dealing with hair loss that will eventually result in a receding hairline. You can try this exercise for a week and notice the consistency of hair fall.


Now that we know the main cause behind hair thinning and receding hairline in men, let us understand how you can tackle it and treat it. Your hair is your Crowning Glory thus, a proper hair care routine is essential for both men and women. You can try hair loss treatments at home because they are easy to do and don't need too much of your time & effort of yours. In this post, let's go through some tips to treat thin hair problems in men and most of these DIY Treatments can be easily done from your home.

#1 Regular Oiling of hair

Oiling plays an important role in protecting your hair from regular wear and tear. Oiling prevents the drying of hair and strengthens the hair shaft. Our hair is essentially made of protein, and lipids present in oil play an important role in maintaining its health. There are various oils to choose from for your hair, like coconut oil, almond oil, bhringraj oil, and jojoba oil. You can also use blends of oil or enriched oil like Mensome's Red Onion Oil which promotes healthy hair. Onion is rich in sulfur and it stimulates collagen production which consequently, strengthens your scalp and hair follicles to grow healthy hair.

#2 Scalp Massage

Regular scalp massage will increase hair thickness because scalp massage results in stretching of the cells of hair follicles, consequently stimulating the hair follicles to produce thicker, better hair. Light to medium pressure should be applied to your scalp with both hands and massaged all over. Try this method for at least 5 minutes at a time, several times a day, for the best results for receding hairline.

#3 Maintain a Balanced Diet

A well-balanced diet will make your hair strong from the roots. To achieve this, you can add a few things to your diet.

  • Eggs - Eggs are a great source of protein and biotin, both of which promote hair growth and hair strength.

  • Carrots - Carrots not only make your eyesight better but are a perfect source of Vitamin A your hair needs. Snack on carrots in a salad or add them to other dishes like fried rice or vegetable chaat.

  • Spinach - Spinach is known for its iron content. They are rich in vitamins and nutrients like folate, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C, all of which are essential for hair growth.

  • Sweet potatoes - They contain beta-carotene, which is essential for absorbing Vitamin A. The production of sebum which hydrates the hair shafts is heavily dependent on Vitamin A. Add them to your cutlets or sauté or grill them.

  • Avocado - Avocados are excellent sources of Vitamin E. A medium-sized avocado makes up for about 21% of your daily Vitamin E needs. Make guacamole, or just enjoy it as a spread on your toast.

  • Lentils and Chickpeas – They are extremely rich in folic acid, and they help your body to produce more red blood cells. This ensures your hair is healthy and strong.

  • Kidney Beans or Rajma – Rajma provides protein, folate, and fibre to your body. Everyone complaining about thin hair in men must include this superfood in their diet. Enjoy the traditional rajma chawal or prepare the popular Mexican-style black beans to reap its benefits.

  • Fish and nuts – Fish and nuts like walnut are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA that improves hair follicle growth.
  • Dairy products – Dairy products like milk and yoghurt are loaded with essential nutrients and proteins. They easily boost vitamin D levels in your system. Along with it, they are a good source of Vitamin B12, iron, zinc, biotin and Omega 6 fatty acids.


#4 Check for Vitamins & Minerals Deficiency

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are major factors for thin hair problems in men. The most common deficiencies are iron, vitamin E, and zinc. Take these vitamins and minerals in your diet, or consult with a doctor to check if you need to use supplements.

#5 Consult a Doctor

Hair loss in men can be a consequence of more serious issues like scalp psoriasis, which requires professional expert treatment.

#6 Use a mild shampoo

It's time you take care of your hair if you are already facing hair loss problems. Skip the chemical-laden products, instead, use a mild shampoo that is specifically made for men and their hair type.

#7 Air dry hair

Instead of blow-drying your hair before rushing for work in the morning, try to air dry your hair. Exposure to heat is a big factor in hair loss in men.


#8 Check with an expert or Dermatologist for Transplant

You're born with about 100,000 follicles on your scalp, and you'll never gain or lose any (3)

However, as you age, some follicles may stop growing hair, and you may experience hair loss. In case of severe thin hair in men or complete hair loss, consult a dermatologist or a hair transplant expert for expert advice on hair loss treatment for men.



Receding hairline and thin hair in men are very common issues faced today. With correct lifestyle choices, these can be rectified to a certain extent. Always ensure you are eating a balanced meal with foods enriched in vitamins and minerals like iron, folate, zinc, and biotin. A Lot depends on what you put inside your body than what you put on it.

Hair loss treatment at home can improve the hair's strength and can help boost growth or slow hair loss.

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