Why Fragrance Matters: 5 Things You Might Not Know

Why Fragrance Matters: 5 Things You Might Not Know

2021-11-09 19:12

For many years, fragrance has been an important part of an individual's life. Ancient Egyptians are attributed to the discovery and creation of perfume. It is said that ancient Egypt used scents, both for religious ceremonies and for burials of royalty. Historically, the rich used it as a tool for establishing their social status and for projecting a sense of elegance. The Persians then took over and used it as a political status symbol until the Greeks and Romans started using it as art. In ancient Greece, the perfume transcended its religious significance and became an everyday object for commoners. As perfume accompanies sacred rituals and key moments like births, marriages, and funerals, it has also entered the profane sphere. In this way, it begins to play a fundamental role in everyday life by tying in with the myth of beauty and body care. Through the Spice trade, expeditions to the East would discover new exotic and valuable materials, facilitating a thriving perfume industry throughout the world. This article will delve deeper into the importance of fragrance, which you might not have known about. 


  • Psychological Benefits of Scent

As we wear our favourite fragrance, we experience a wide range of emotional benefits continuously. Scents evoke positive, uplifting emotions and positive memories, according to scientific research. Several brain regions are involved in the processing of scents, which is why they can immediately trigger emotion. Our amygdala, a part of the brain that processes emotion and emotional memory, is the first part of the brain to activate when we smell something, so we react emotionally almost immediately. A scent can be beneficial without specific products labelled as aromatherapy. Even our favourite perfumes and colognes can benefit from the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy! Additionally, several research studies have shown that perfume enhances a person's mood. We associate the smell with memory and emotion, and it is the strongest of our five senses. Smell accounts for 75% of our daily emotions. Therefore, it has a positive influence on our mood, memory recall, concentration, and emotions. According to research, pleasant scents improve mood by 40%. Since perfume companies and fragrance companies know that fragrances can affect mood, they spend a great deal of time developing fragrances that provide positive mood-altering effects.   


  •  It enhances your attractiveness

Perfume's seductiveness is ingrained in its history, and that's why it has endured across the centuries and the globe. In history, we see that clearly when Cleopatra fills her ship with rose petals, wades through them at knee depth to go and meet Mark Antony. Since then, science has proven that certain scents can positively or negatively affect one's attractiveness. Depending on their scent, perfumes can make you appear sophisticated, masculine, feminine, or seductive. Perfumes and fragrances possess a magnetic quality. So be at your best before going out on a date or getting ready for your anniversary by putting some fragrance on. 


  • Feeling good starts with smelling good

Feeling unfresh is a very annoying feeling. We recognise it when we wake up first thing in the morning, when we come home after a sweaty workout session, or when we have a long day of hard work. This makes us feel self-conscious, putting us in a bad mood, thereby not wanting to leave the house. A fresh, pleasing scent can help you battle this situation! We feel refreshed and uplifted when we smell fruity and fresh. Consequently, we feel better and appear more presentable. Thus, we feel more confident, better able to face our challenges, and we are able to confidently leave the house and interact with new people and opportunities that may ultimately change our lives. Having a nice scent improves our self-esteem and makes us feel good about ourselves.


  • The expression of self

We all want to discover who we are and where we are in this world. There is nothing better than feeling understood and finding what makes us unique in this big world. Each individual has their tastes in scents, and it differs from person to person. Wearing our favourite scent enhances our sense of self-esteem and makes us feel special. It is a relief to find a fragrance that fits your personality and lets you express yourself better. The gender we identify with may not always coincide with our birth gender. Our gender identity can be expressed by choosing a fragrance, which allows us to come into our true selves. We can live our best lives when we love who we are and embrace our gender expression; we are stress-free and open with who we truly are. Smells affect our mood and emotions directly, putting us in a wonderful mood. By expressing ourselves fully, they help us live a happier, more fulfilled, and healthier life. When it comes to expressing your true self, choosing the right scent is an essential tool.

  • It helps create a lasting impression

There are quite a few interesting aspects to fragrances and their nature. First, they make for good conversation starters. Second, through the changes in scent, people can build up different versions of themselves. Third, it allows us to create a character that is in sync with our personality. Finally, with the aid of scents, you can leave a lasting impression on people when you meet them for the first time.    

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