Vitamin E Oil And Its Benefits

Vitamin E Oil And Its Benefits

2021-10-23 18:14

Vitamins are essential for the well-being of the human body. These vitamins carrying micronutrients play an important role in keeping the body healthy. Vitamin E is one such essential micronutrient. Vitamin E, an antioxidant, aids the body in flushing out the harmful toxins produced in it. As a result, Vitamin E is widely used in dermatology to treat various skin and hair problems.

To understand the benefits of Vitamin E for the skin, it is important to understand its source. Vitamin E is mainly derived from oilseeds such as wheat germ oil, sunflower oil and nuts such as almonds. IT can either be consumed as food or applied topically or even taken in medicines.

Mensome’s Vitamin E oil must be applied topically on the skin and on the roots of the hair to achieve the desired results.


The benefits of Vitamin E in skincare are varied. First, it helps maintain the skin’s glow by serving as an antioxidant and flushing the harmful toxins out of the body, leaving the skin healthy and glowing.


Vitamin E oil is widely recommended for its anti-ageing properties as it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin with a firm and youthful look.


Being a fat-soluble vitamin, Vitamin E is a great remedy for dry skin. Applying it topically helps in reducing the dryness that may have been caused but eczema or psoriasis. It is also very beneficial during the freezing winters as it provides the skin with an extra layer of moisture.


Vitamin E oil also helps in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Regular application on the affected area will significantly reduce the visibility of stretch marks caused either due to pregnancy or any form of hormonal imbalance.


Vitamin E has shown promising results in the treatment and prevention of acne caused by poor skin hygiene. It prevents acne from further inflammation, thereby rapidly increasing the healing process. Regular application also helps in keeping the acne at bay.


Vitamin E is widely used in treating melasma or hyperpigmentation in dermatology as it has shown promising results in treating the concerned area. In addition, regular application of the essential vitamin has been shown to reduce pigmentation over time.


Vitamin E is widely used to treat the common yellow nail syndrome as its effects are highly positive. Combined with proper cuticle care, the application of Vitamin E oil helps in reducing the syndrome.


Vitamin E can also aid in providing a layer of protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation. As such, it is a common ingredient in many sunscreen products.

SUPER SENSITIVE SKIN (Atopic dermatitis):

Atopic dermatitis is a genetic disorder that results in super itchy and dry skin. Vitamin E helps reduce the itchiness and relieves the affected area as the vitamin also contains cooling properties.


Vitamin E oil is an essential micronutrient that keeps the hair healthy and bouncy.

  • It helps reduce dry scalp or dandruff but serves as a source of moisture to the scalp.
  • It reduces the frizz caused by heat and pollution.
  • It also aids in the reduction of hair loss by providing the required nutrient for good blood circulation.

As mentioned, Vitamin E is a required micronutrient for the skin and hair. Mensome’s vitamin E oil provides all the benefits mentioned above, and a regular application will leave you feeling youthful and glowing.

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