Celebrate Men's Day with Unique Gifts from Mensome

Celebrate Men's Day with Unique Gifts from Mensome

2021-11-19 12:00


You Don’t Need A Special Day To Celebrate The Men In Your Life. Still, It Doesn’t Hurt To Appreciate And Remind These Special People How Much We Love Them, Especially When Celebrating The Best Of Masculinity. Yes, We Are Talking About International Men’s Day, Celebrated On November 19 Every Year!

While Women’s Day Is Widely Popularised And Commemorated, Its Male Counterpart Is A Lesser Talked About Occasion. You Can Even Say That It Hardly Get Any Recognition. 

As The Leading Indian Men's Grooming Brand, We At Mensome Think That Men, Be It Your Dad, Brother, Husband, Or Even A Friend, Deserve To Be Treated With A Special gift for men's day, And We Can Guarantee They Will Appreciate It. This Gift Guide Has Been Curated To Assist You With Choosing gifts for international men's day to Make Their Day. So, Keep Reading!

1. A Set of Painted Cufflinks

Cufflinks Are The Ideal Men's Day Gift For A Variety Of Reasons. First, A Set Of Cufflinks Will Stands Out Among The Other Offerings Given To The Man Who Has Everything. They're The Kind Of Gift That He'll Wear With Pride And Show Off To His Colleagues. 

And It's Always Good To Give A Man A Gift That Makes Him Look Good. Cufflinks Can Be Worn With A Formal Shirt And Tie, Or You Can Dress Them Down Enough For Them To Go With A Casual Outfit Too.


Mensome’s Floral Painting Cufflinks Gift Set Is Inspired By Modern And Contemporary Designs And Takes An Everyday Outfit From Drab To Stunning In Seconds. Its Minimalist Design And Stainless Steel Build Make It A Perfect Accessory For Any Occasion.

2. Natural Deodorant Cream

With So Many gifts for men's day Options, You May Be Wondering Why You Should Get Deodorant. 

Well, A Fragrance Isn't Just A Multi-Purpose Item That Can Be Worn Or Used To Set The Mood In Your Home. As A Gesture Of Care And Affection, Deodorant Is A Wonderful Gift To Give To The Remarkable Men In Your Life. This Shows That You Have Given The Recipient A Great Deal Of Thought And What They Might Enjoy. In Addition, It's Something They Can Wear And Remember You By.

With Its Natural Formulation And Delicate Yet Potent Ingredients, Musk Natural Deodorant Cream By Mensome Mildly Scents The Skin Without Disrupting The Natural Process Of Perspiration. Gifting This Deodorant Cream Is A Definite Way To Make Someone Feel Cared For!

3. Neck Tie Combo Sets

It's No Secret That Ties Are Among The Most Commonly Given Gifts. But, To Spice It Up A Bit, You Can Add A Few Other Accessories, Such As Cufflinks, Handkerchiefs, And Lapel Pins, And Create A Whole Gift Combo! These Thoughtful Gift Ideas Are Perfect For Men Who Have A Sense Of Style Or Stay Updated On The Latest Fashions. 

Mensome Brings A Beautiful Variety Of Neck Tie Combo Sets To Match The Personality Of Your Brother, Husband, Or Dad. Choose From Great Light, Bright, Or Dark Shade Ties, Or Go For The Printed Ones. And Get Them With Matching Sets Of Lapel Pins, Cufflinks, And Pocket Squares!

4. Fragrant Soap Bar

On A Tight Budget Nowadays? Worry Not, Because We Have gifts for international men's day Options For Everyone! As A Token Gesture - The Small Thank You Present For This International Men’s Day, A Bar Of Naturally Scented Soap Can Turn Out To Be A Thoughtful Idea. 

The Antibacterial Fragrant Bathing Bars From Mensome Can Be The Perfect Gift For Every Man On Your List.  These Soaps Are Unique Because They're Made With Natural Ingredients, Such As Neem Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil, Chamomile Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar, And More, Which Work Their Magic Without Sucking All The Moisture From Your Skin!

5. A Vial Of Body and Hair Oil

Women Are Not The Only Ones Who Should Take Care Of Their Skin. With Winters Just Around The Corner, It’s Time That You Remind The Men In Your Life To Look After Their Skin. And What Better Way To Do That Than Gift Them With A Nourishing And Replenishing Body Oil?

The Mensome Vitamin E Body Oil, Made Just For Men, Is A Long Lasting And Natural Alternative To Moisturisers. The Best Part? Mensome Knows That Men Can Get Lazy When Using Different Products For Different Parts Of Their Bodies! And So We Have Created This Oil To Be Used For Scalp And Hair As Well. As They Say, One Stone, Two Birds!

Mensome - there for men 24/7, 365 days a year. 

In The Battle Of The Sexes, No One Wins. If We Were All Just A Little More Supportive And Kind To Each Other, Life Would Be So Much Easier! However, If You Really Must Play Favourites, Then You Should Definitely Show Your Love And Respect For Men On International Men's Day, Which Is Today!

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