7 Major Men's Skin Problems during the Summer

7 Major Men's Skin Problems during the Summer

2022-04-11 13:00

Winter might come around with its problem of dry skin but summer is no stranger to skin-related issues. The excessive heat of this season is sure to cause some problems to men’s skin which many seem to disregard.

Acne, rashes and the likes might seem like an everyday skin problem but in reality, it is not always the case. In summer, face care is just as important as it is in any other season. The extra presence of moisture in the air and the humidity that’s going to last a while is best to ensure you find a way to tackle the skin problems they might bring along. 

During summer, for men skin problems can range from breakouts to tanning, dry skin and so on. Men's skincare should be given as much importance during this season as in any other. Skincare is not as tough as you might think it is. So take some time off to care for your skin and revive its glow even in this excessively hot climate. 

Here are 7 men’s skin problems common in summer and how you can deal with them: 

1] Dry Skin 

We know that dry skin problem is an issue most common during the winter, however, summer is no stranger to this issue. Because there is such a rise in the heat levels, it can cause your skin to dry out. If you already have dry skin, then it poses even more of a problem for you. And, it won’t just affect your skin and turn it flaky, it can even cause chapped lips. Besides, dry skin on face is not a good feeling to have and can cause issues like eczema. A good way to tackle this issue of dry skin men can encounter, hydrate as much as possible and use a good moisturiser. Find the best moisturiser for dry skin at Mensome. 

2] Breakouts

Because of the excessive heat, there is more sweating that takes place. This combined with the increase in production of sebum on your face can cause acne production to flare up, especially in those areas that are naturally oily. To take care of breakouts, cleanse your face two times every day. Wipe off extra sweat each time you feel it accumulate. 

3] Rashes

Summer and those red bumps that cause itchiness are like a duo that walk hand-in-hand. And because this season is so prone to make your skin feel irritable, heat rashes might be annoyingly common. Ensure you wear loose clothes and pat dry your skin to clean off water or sweat. 

4] Tanning

Well, tanning is inevitable. But the issue arises when your skin tans unevenly. The UV rays can cause pigmentation on your skin. Besides this, the harmful UV rays could also cause sunburns. The skin becomes red and irritated and looks a lot like a rash. It can also increase the chances of getting skin cancer. The ordinary skincare probably already has sunscreen included. Make sure it at least has SPF 30 or higher. Reapply it every 2-3 hours as per the instructions. Even wearing clothes that cover as much skin as possible can avoid direct exposure to sunlight. 

5] Folliculitis

A follicle is an opening through which the hair on your body grows. Folliculitis occurs when a follicle gets infected and can look very much like a pimple. It is a common problem during the summer season. To tackle this problem, make sure you change out of your sweaty clothes pretty quickly. Wear clothes that are loosely fitted to avoid friction. After shaving, make sure you apply a soothing gel over the area. And of course, keep yourself hydrated all the time. 

6] Body Odour

The excessive heat, sweating and all of that summer problems can also cause body odour. It is because of the bacteria that this issue arises and can be pretty much a pain to deal with. While using scented soaps might help, try to shower twice a day if you can. Drink more water as it helps keep the odour levels down by quite a bit. Use an antibacterial soap while taking a shower. 

7] Freckles 

Exposure to sunlight can cause more freckles to appear on your face. These freckles are usually generated in order to protect your skin. They typically occur in those areas that have frequent exposure to sunlight. Although freckles aren’t painful or anything as such, you can still get rid of them or prevent them from appearing. Sunscreen is one of the vital elements not just for freckles but for many skin issues during summer. A generous amount and reapplication from time to time might go a long way in preventing freckles. You can also consult your dermatologist for some creams that prevent freckles. 

Summertime may be a season full of fun and adventure and for most of us a vacation time. Just as we feel like not caring much about anything other than hanging with our friends and making the best of our memories, our skin should not be a part of it. This is important to keep your skin healthy and clear and to avoid any of the aftermath of not taking care of it. Invest some time in taking care of your skin and you will surely see great results.

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1] How can men improve their skin quality?

A1] Having a basic skincare routine that consists of cleansing, moisturising, exfoliating and applying sunscreen can help improve the skin quality greatly. 

2] How do I cleanse my skin?

A2] Wet your face first. Then apply a facial cleanser gently but thoroughly all across your face and wash it off with lukewarm water. Pat dry your face to wipe the water off. 

3] What to apply to your face before sleeping?

A3] Apply a good moisturiser or a night cream before sleeping.