Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine's Day at Home

Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine's Day at Home

2022-01-18 17:27

Home is where the heart is! Celebrate your love by staying at home. Valentine’s day can be stressful and confusing. All of it can be highly time-consuming and expensive, from choosing matching earrings to your dress to getting reservations at your favourite restaurants; all of it can be highly time-consuming and expensive. So instead, why not stay at home, away from the freezy winds and, of course, the Covid-19 virus, and plan out an amazing Valentine's day date night. This way, you can only focus on your better half and save some of your money too! 

It's definitely fun to go out and celebrate your love with your partner, but what matters is spending quality time together, and the best way to do so is by leaving out the hassle and staying at your peaceful home with your soulmate. Also, the fact that many states have still imposed restrictions on public places such as restaurants and malls makes celebrating at home your best option. So, Mensome presents to you a list of ideas on how to make your valentine’s day special by staying at home:

Check out Mensome’s 10 romantic valentine’s day date ideas at home that will leave you in awe:

1. Play your favourite board games: 

Channelise your inner child and get all those boxes out of your cupboard, and set up a friendly competing environment with your partner. It is also an excellent way to activate your gaming skills and use your brain on holiday! You will truly enjoy playing board games with your partner. It will make both of you feel relaxed yet bring a joyous smile on your face.

2. Plan a beautiful indoor picnic: 

Well, if you aren’t a winter person but love picnics, this is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the feels of going on a picnic that too with your love. So why wait for warm weather? Instead, head to your living room and place your mat and delicious food accompanied by lovely wine and music. This is an ideal valentine’s date idea at home.

3. Netflix and chill: 

What better day to get under the blanket in this cosy weather and binge-watch your favourite shows and movies together? This Valentine’s day surprises your partner by creating a lineup of their favourite shows or movies and getting them their favourite food. Then, add a special and personalised effect to make it memorable for both you and your honey.

4. Relax and chill with an at-home spa: 

Pamper yourself and your partner by lighting soothing scented candles, taking a bubble bath, and applying massage oil and facial masks. If you want to have a more professional experience, You can also book an at-home couple spa session or other services. It is a day to set aside all the worries and tensions and just enjoy the moment with each other.

5. Learn a couple dance together: 

Dancing is everyone's favourite actor. It doesn’t matter if you are a good dancer or a bad dancer; dancing makes you enjoy your life to the fullest. If the last time both of you danced together was at your wedding, you have to move aside the furniture, turn on the music you like and get your feet grooving. You can enjoy different styles of dancing like ballroom or salsa too!

6. Set out a rally of gifts: 

Giving a valentine’s day gift to your partner is to make them happy and a gesture of showing appreciation and care towards them. However, choosing the right present can be difficult sometimes, especially for males. If you are in that confusing state of mind, check out Mensome’s lovely collection of gifts for men at the most affordable prices. So get your partner a useful yet loving gift this valentine’s day. 

7. Dress up, just because: 

Even though you are spending your valentine’s day at home, it doesn’t mean you can not put on your favourite outfit and matching jewelry that you have been excited about. One can never get enough of finding an excuse to wear classy valentine’s day outfits, especially all the lovely girls out there! But, of course, you can also match your outfits as a couple!

8. Create some amazing memories: 

Now that you have taken so much effort to get ready why not do a photoshoot? Convincing your man to click photos with you can be difficult if he is not a photo lover but, he definitely is not going to say no to you on this special occasion. So get ready, set up the surroundings and click some beautiful captures that you will cherish for the rest of your life. 

9. Recreate your first day or proposal: 

This is another interesting idea you can carry out on Valentine's day. Since Valentine's day is all about your love, why not relive one of the most important days of your life again, with your special one. Recreate your first meet, date or your proposal and indulge yourself into reliving those days and feelings. 

10. Plan out your relationship: 

Since February is just the beginning of the year, much time is left. So create a list and plan how you would like to grow this year as a couple. You can also make couple resolutions together, which would be a great way to strengthen your relationship. 

Doing an in-home celebration will make sure that the two of you focus only on each other instead of caring out 10 other activities when you are out. This Valentine’s day plans out a fun and safe day for your better half at your home by doing everything that you both love. Make this day memorable by choosing one of the ideas mentioned above. These valentine’s day romantic date ideas also work well for any day date night at your home so keep them safe in your diary for future references. 

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