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Is it OK for Men to Cry?

2022-08-15 15:30

Do real men cry?” this question acts as a blocking agent that restrains men from crying. In our society tears are perceived as a sign of weakness especially when man cry, which is why people may attempt to suppress them, but research suggests that doing so may result in losing out on a variety of benefits. Humans frequently cry, and a wide range of emotions can make us do so. However, why do people cry? Researchers have discovered that both our body and mind can experience various health benefits. From our first cry to our last, we experience crying numerous times throughout our life. 

Men are in a way forced to stop themselves from crying because of the Old-fashioned beliefs that are famous in our society. But for both men and women, crying can be therapeutic and extremely necessary. Men crying is frowned upon in many cultures throughout the world, particularly when it occurs in public. Many people still think that men should be emotionless and stoic. Women are frequently considered as the inferior sex and men are perceived to be stronger hence, men cannot be termed as "cry man". It is inappropriate for others to make fun of a man who is crying in public. We need to cease classifying people into stereotyped gender categories immediately.


Depression in men

Male depression is common and different from depression in women. Men's sadness is a common sign of depression, however, men may be more likely than women to experience rage, act aggressively, and show abusive behaviour Depression is a type of mood disorder that impacts a person's opinions, behaviour, feelings, and perspectives.  Major depression, major depressive disorder, and clinical depression are all terms used by doctors to describe depression. Many men may suffer undiagnosed depression due to the varied symptoms and the fact that males are often less willing to discuss and seek treatment for mental illness than women.

Signs of depression in men

There are various symptoms of depression in men that he can experience. Read on to know about a few of them:

  • feeling depressed, teary, dejected, remorseful, or empty 
  • Losing out interest in enjoying your favourite activities 
  • A change in appetite or weight, 
  • Either sleeping all day long or only for a little time 
  • feeling anxious or angry 
  • Reckless behaviour
  • Consumption of more alcohol 
  • difficulty concentrating

Certain signs of depression in men and women will be the same, however, there could be a difference in the intensity of experiencing these symptoms since it is influenced by genetic, hormonal, or physiological factors.

Treatment of depression in men

A man can bring several positive changes in his lifestyle to fight against depression and can also seek professional help. A few ways to treat depression naturally could be:

  1. Maintaining good health: Ensuring to have proper sleep, spending time doing meditation, sweating it out through exercise, doing activities that make you feel happy, and spending time with family and friends are simple steps that you could incorporate into your daily routine to make yourself feel happy. 
  2. Following a proper diet: Ensuring to health healthy and limited junk food can also help maintain a proper physical body. A good physical body will help you avoid suffering from any disease or physical pain. 
  3. Seek therapy: You might think that discussing your troubles with a complete stranger is weird and hence might not be comfortable doing that or that going to therapy implies that you are a victim. But seeking clinical help can be so relaxing. When you let everything that has been bottled up inside your mind to some stranger without the fear of being judged, you are taking a great step in dealing with your mental health issues. 

It frequently takes a man's wife, spouse, another family member, or a close friend to notice his depressive symptoms. Even if a man knows he is sad, he might not seek help unless he feels compelled to do so because he feels humiliated by his inability to handle things on his own. Frequent changes in mood and aggressive behaviour are quite common, being understanding about it is a great way of showing your support towards him. He might be more willing to talk if it if you make him feel comfortable around you. Let him know that it is completely ok for men to cry and let their hearts out despite the social norms.


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  1. What causes a grown man to cry?

Be it a small boy or a grown man everyone has their own issues to deal with and suffer from. Sometimes when it becomes too much of a load on your mind, a grown man can cry to let their heart out. 

  1. What does it mean if a man cries in front of you?

This means that he is extremely comfortable with you and is trying to seek indirect help from you to help him overcome the difficulties he is facing. 

  1. Does crying make a man weak?"

Definitely not. Crying is a part of human behaviour and even men are human in the end. Trying to deal with own issues cannot make anyone look weak.