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How To Reduce Dark Circles In Men With 5 Lifestyle Changes

2022-08-08 15:30

Dark circles are similar to unexpected visitors that frequently stay longer than expected. Men and women both can suffer from dark circles. Despite being common and natural, dark circles are genuinely unattractive and bothersome. With bags under their eyes, men can lower their self-confidence too. 

Dark circles in men are usually hard to ignore. While, women can cover them up with cosmetics, and still manage to look pretty, males who don't want to use concealer have only one choice: to do dark circle treatment through natural changes in their lifestyle. It's typical to have dark circles underneath the eyelids. Usually having dark circles and dark bags under your eyes male indicates how exhausted you are however, that is not the case always. Apart from lack of sleep, there are several other reasons due to why dark circles can appear. 

Reasons for dark circles

Dark circles around your eyes may occur for a variety of causes. Common causes include

  1. Eyestrain: An increase in screen time can cause strain on your eyes. If you are continuously using your mobile phone or watching television, your eyes can feel pressurized.  Your eye area's blood vessels may widen due to this strain. The skin around your eyes may subsequently darken as a result.
  2. Fatigue: Dark circles under your eyes might develop as a result of oversleeping, excessive exhaustion, or simply staying up later than usual. Lack of sleep can make your skin look drab and paler. Your skin's dark tissues and blood vessels may start to protrude. Not getting enough sleep can also lead to fluid accumulation beneath your eyes, giving those areas a puffy appearance. The darkness caused by swollen eyelids may be the cause of the dark circles that you perceive.
  3. High sun exposure: Your body may overproduce melanin, the substance that provides your skin colour, as a result of exposure to the sun. Overexposure to the sun can deepen skin pigmentation around your eyes especially. As a result, puffy eyes or dark circles could appear.

5 Best Remedies For Dark Circles

The best way to get rid of bags under the eyes men and remove dark circles men is to incorporate remedies for dark circles into your lifestyle. Changes in your lifestyle that can actually help your body in a positive way and therefore remove dark circles men are essential for a healthy body. Read on ahead to know about five remedies for dark circles that you can try:

  1. Get enough sleep: If you stay up late using your phone or binge-watching television shows until the sun is shining, you are paving the way for dark circles. One of the most common triggers of dark circles is inadequate sleep. However, if this is not true for you, poor sleep quality may be making the present dark circles worse. Make an effort to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each day.
  2. Reduce consumption of salt and alcohol: Salt greatly dehydrates your system. Your dark circles may get worse if you eat foods high in salt or consume alcohol that dehydrates you. The amount of salt in unhealthy food and processed packets is frequently high. Instead, incorporate vegetables like celery, cucumber, and watermelon in your diet that are high in natural diuretics or water content. In actuality, headaches after drinking are symptoms of extreme dehydration. Your dark circle problems can get worse in case you drink regularly since it can lower the body's water content. 
  3. Stop smoking: One of the most prevalent causes of dark circles includes smoking. In addition to causing dark circles, smoking harms our body in many other ways and it may even result in cancer. Around 4000 compounds in cigarettes can dry out the skin and may interfere with the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and melanin. These elements have a big impact on how healthy our skin is.
  4. Stay hydrated: Dehydration is another major cause that can lead to dark circles. Water is an essential component of our diet because it makes up a large portion of our body. Lack of water makes the area around the eyes puffy and blotchy. Increasing your daily water intake will help you get rid of dark circles and be good for your skin, hair, and wellbeing. Be sure to drink enough water.
  5. Treat your skin well: Skincare is an essential part of maintaining healthy and shiny skin. Using products that are natural and herbal is crucial. To moisturise the area under the eyes, dark circles removal cream for men and sunscreen are essential. To maintain clear, healthy skin, moisturise at least twice a day usually, immediately after every face wash.

To conclude, dark circle removal can be difficult since some major changes must be brought into your daily routine. However, with tiny little steps, you can see huge positive changes in your health and body.  It is no secret that nobody likes dark circles on their face. Everybody manifests clear and pretty skin. Therefore, it is critical to implement good habits for removing dark circles.

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  1. What deficiency are dark circles?

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, iron deficiency can cause dark circles. Iron deficiency suggests that cells in your body especially around your eyes do not receive enough oxygen. 

  1. Which vitamin is best for dark circles?

Combining almond oil and vitamin E oil beneath the eyes will help to lessen puffiness and get rid of dark circles.

  1. Does coffee cause dark circles?

Coffee has caffeine which can cause dehydration in the body and dehydration is one of the significant reasons for dark circles therefore, yes coffee may cause dark circles.