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7 Dating Rules Women Secretly Follow Which Men Should Know About

2022-08-30 18:39

‘What women want is a question that has eluded men for centuries. Ace journalist Daniel Bergner has tried to articulate this particular question in his best-selling book called ‘What do women want? and subsequently, the creative minds in the movie business have tried their hand at exploring this million-dollar question. If you are also looking for a way to woo the woman of your dreams, then you have come to the right place. Read along to know more about the dating rules for women. 

7 rules to keep in mind while dating a woman 

  • Look your best 

The golden rule to impress any woman is to make an effort to look your best. Use men's grooming products to ensure you look fresh when you go out for a date with a woman. You can choose from an impressive range of Mensome’s quality grooming products that will help you in looking your finest for your next date. Furthermore, you can try making use of the George Clooney effect on women by dressing up in a mature instead of a quirky way. (1)

  • Treat her with respect 

Disrespect is a deal breaker when it comes to women dating rules. Be chivalrous but not condescending in terms of your demeanour. Respect her choices if she expressed her desire to meet for coffee instead of drinks or for lunch instead of dinner.

  • Don't chase a woman incessantly, instead give her the space and time to decide

Don't become too clingy in case you don't get a text back from her. Let a reasonable number of days pass, perhaps a week after your first date, before you text her to know about her plans. The intention is to be considerate of the fact that she might need time to think. Never make a woman feel guilty for not being quick with her response. 

  • Engage in meaningful conversations

I can make this declaration on behalf of all women looking for men. Don't crack crude or misogynist jokes just to come across as funny. This will make you seem insensitive and utterly undesirable. Engage in worthy and meaningful conversations that will add some value to the dialogue you have with her. Express interest in her life and give her the comfort to share her likes and dislikes with you sans judgment. A thoughtful and sensitive man is exceptionally attractive to any woman. (2

  • Put in sincere efforts to impress her 

Men looking for women often indulge in grand features to make a mark and gain their love interest’s attention. It is advisable to stick to realistic gestures that you can keep up with during the course of a relationship. Setting the benchmark too high for yourself will make your partner wonder what has gone wrong in case you cannot replicate that same kind of exuberance on various occasions.

  • Make sure you smell good

Before you step out for your date, put on a nice perfume. Women admire men who smell good and this one particular trait can make you very desirable for dating women.

  • Steer clear of mansplaining 

The most important rule among all the dating rules for women is to stay as far away as you can from mansplaining. While talking to a woman, try putting your point across in a decent way. Moreover, it is important to agree to disagree also at times! Don't try to influence someone’s perception or ideology about a specific topic by mansplaining. 

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What are some women's secrets?

The greatest of all women's secrets is that women don't like when men keep stuff secret from them, especially things of significant consequence. Honestly is a virtue which is found to go a long way in a relationship. 

What are the unspoken rules of dating?

The most important unspoken rule of dating is to wait for at least three dates before you decide to take your relationship with your woman to an intimate level. 

Taking it steady and slow is a great way to proceed if you are trying to build a meaningful relationship. 

How do you know if a girl loves you secretly?

If you pay attention to the manner in which a girl behaves with you, you can know if she loves you or not. Having said that, it is advisable to never assume a woman’s feelings for you, instead always engage in a subtle dialogue with her to be sure about her feelings before acting out.