Do you have Itchy Rashes? Are there Red Spots on your body? Your skin could be suffering from these common allergies

Do you have Itchy Rashes? Are there Red Spots on your body? Your skin could be suffering from these common allergies

2022-06-06 10:30

Are you worried about those red spots on your face and body? Is that constant itching bothering you? Don’t ignore these symptoms, as these could be indicative of an underlying skin infection. 

Men’s skin deserves a bit more attention than females as their skin is thicker in texture and it naturally produces more sebum which makes it oily. Oily skin is more prone to acne and if one doesn’t take proper care, there can be a breakout of itchy skin infections. 

Any kind of skin problems like itches or rashes should always be taken into consideration and your skincare routine should be accommodated accordingly.

Sometimes, these Itchy skin conditions can be cured with over-the-counter topical medication but might need medical intervention if the problem worsens or persists. 

The most common kind of skin infection is rashes. Rashes may or may not be itchy. Itchy rashes are very annoying and can cause noticeable changes in the texture of one’s skin. To stop itching caused by a skin problem, one can opt for the following solutions. 

How do you stop Itching from a Skin Infection?

  1. Always bathe with lukewarm water 

Dermatologists often recommend taking lukewarm baths for no more than 10 minutes to ease the effects of itchy skin irritation. Bathing with hot instead of lukewarm water can dry out the skin, even more, causing more itching. 

  1. Keep the infected area cool

To prevent itching, make sure to apply some cooling agents like calamine or an ice pack on the infected area. 

  1. Keep the area moisturised 

By keeping the dryness levels in check, you can significantly reduce itching and other skin problems. Moisturise your skin with a good moisturiser or body oil to keep the dryness at bay. 

  1. Say yes to hydration 

Just like our body, our skin needs hydration too. To keep away the itching, you need to keep up with the hydration. Try out Mensome’s natural body oils that are infused with the goodness of vitamin E and other antioxidants. 

  1. Comfort clothing 

Wear loose-fitting cotton clothes to prevent your skin from getting irritated. Avoid harsh fabrics or tight-fit clothes till the condition improves. 

  1. Use antifungal and antibacterial bathing bars

Always choose a good antifungal or an antibacterial bathing bar, or antifungal body wash. This will ensure that your skin stays germ-free and hydrated. You can opt for Mensome’s chemical-free, antifungal and antibacterial body wash that also comes in a natural musk fragrance. 

If your skin exhibits red spots that may or may not itch, you can try out some of the following remedies.

How to treat Red Spots on the skin?

The red spots on the skin can be due to many reasons. While some conditions might warrant medical care, you can treat the rest with a good skincare routine. 

  1. Use Calamine 

Using a cooling agent like calamine on your skin can reduce the appearance of red spots caused due to a heat rash. Try out Mensome’s paraben-free calamine face wash to keep your skin cool and supple. 

  1. Keep a check on your acne

Acne is the most significant cause of red spots on the face and body. You can keep your acne in control by following a sound skincare routine. Men need to specifically keep an eye out for this trigger as their skin is naturally more oily. You can try out Mensome’s chemical-free, green tea natural face wash to cleanse your skin correctly and stop your pores from getting clogged. 

  1. Always protect your skin from sunburn

Extended exposure to the sun during work, driving, running etc, can also cause red spots on your skin. You can wash your face with Mensome’s green tea face cleanser every time you come home from work or the gym. 

  1. Beware of heat rash 

If you are a runner or a gym enthusiast, it is pretty obvious for you to experience skin pores clogging due to sweat. Red spots induced on the skin due to heat often go away once the skin cools down. To aid that process, you can wear loose clothing, use cool compresses or a good face and body oil.  

At this juncture, it is essential to say that any kind of itchy skin condition can be a symptom of something more profound. It is important to take notice of any minor change in your body and timely opt for corrective measures. To understand our skin better, let us try to pin down some of the reasons that might cause itchy skin.

What could Itchy Skin be a symptom of?

  1. Skin problem 

Itchy skin can be a symptom of underlying skin infection like psoriasis, eczema, hives etc. it can also be due to an insect or an animal bite, healing scars or some other condition. 

  1. Allergies 

Itching can also be your skin’s allergic reaction to an outside stimulus like some clothing fabric, plants, flowers, medicines or cosmetics. It would be best if you keep your allergy triggers in check or go for allergy testing if you're not too sure of them. 

  1. Underlying illness

There is a rare chance that itchy skin might indicate something more serious. If the condition doesn’t improve after six weeks, one should seek medical help. Persistent itching can be due to a kidney or liver disease, diabetes, thyroid or something more malignant like lymphoma. 

  1. Nervous disorders

Itchy skin can also signify some psychiatric disorders like OCD, depression, PTSD etc. Prolonged bouts of itching can also be due to herpes or shingles. 

  1. Stress

Stress is also a provocateur for itchy skin. It is a trigger that doesn’t just cause but also enhances one’s desire to itch or scratch the skin. 

Skincare isn’t just about fancy products and vanity, but, in fact, it is an essential component of one’s physical and mental well-being. Men often shy away from a skincare regime as they presume it to be very elaborate. But they need to incorporate skincare into their daily routine as it will protect their skin from pollutants, ageing and many skin diseases. 

By choosing the right products for your skin, you don’t just safeguard it from external and internal stimuli but also keep it hygienic and fresh. Mensome’s exclusive range of skin care products is tailor-made for men’s skin. The product range is naturally made and paraben or sulphate free. It comes infused with tea tree oil, peppermint oil, jojoba oil and other antioxidants that can help you in keeping your skin moisturised and healed. 

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